December 3, 2015

Elfie is BACK!!

Right before Thanksgiving Break, Elfie sent a postcard to my class.  (I looped up from 2nd to 3rd with my entire class this year so to say they were excited about OUR elf coming back is an understatement.)  

On Monday, they all ran in to see if she was there!  All day long they waited and watched and looked out for her and SHE NEVER CAME!  So, on Tuesday I had everything ready.  I placed two packages outside of the classroom.  One had a label from Santa and the other a label from the North Pole. 

I was so eager to have them discover these packages.  At 8:10 I propped the door open and waited and watched the door to see who would spot these packages first.  One by one they ran in.  I counted One, Two, Five, mom and I stood there in disbelief.  NOT ONE of them noticed these two packages.  (Teachable Moment: Don't use chevron packaging because it blends in with EVERYTHING you own.)  I knew my RUNNER (if you read Ron Clark's book "Move Your Bus" you know the type of student I am talking about), let's just call her Super S, would spot it.  I watched her run in and put her backpack down.  I couldn't believe it.  My Super S didn't even notice it!  Well, Super S never actually stopped...she threw her bag down on her desk and went back outside and brought in both packages.  #SuperSSavedTheDay!  Well, everyone went into an UPROAR when they saw what she found and one by one they all said "Oh, I saw that outside."  #Sure!  I told them we had to wait until all of the kids got up to our room before we could open them.  We opened the boxed shaped package first. Super S read the attached letter and was literally bursting with excitement while the rest of the kids were listening to every word she was saying with such eagerness.   

Once she opened the box, the kids went CRAZY!  Our dear Elfie was back with a whole new couture outfit!

  After they "calmed down" we open the second package.  This was sent from Santa.  It was a North Pole communicator.  If you knew what I (or shall I say my mom and teacher friend) went through to get our hands on one of the refill minute cartridges, you wouldn't believe it.  #WeCouldn'tListenToTheSameMessagesFromLastYear!  So, the communicator is set up to ask open ended questions.  It's pretty genius.  Each day, we "talk" to someone from the North Pole.  It is a two-way conversation that makes talking to the North Pole feel so real!  There is a knob to "tune in" to the North Pole frequency and a blue button to touch when it's your turn to talk. #HallmarkIsNotMyFavoriteRightNowButIWillStillTellYouWhereIGotThisFrom

So why do I do all of this?  I literally HEART my kids!  They are CERTAIN that I will be their teacher from 4th thru College!  I can't wait to share what Elfie has in store for the next two weeks!